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Eastline Technologies is a professional outsourcer in electronics industry. The goal of our services is to allow you to focus your efforts to the most important and perspective processes and forget about serving the cost center of your business.

R&D Services in electronics: technical support at the stage of requirements specification, selection of the basic solution and proper components, design of functional and schematic diagram of device and PCB project, PCB’s topology analysis and optimization, assembling of sample(s), programming and adjustment, creation of design documentation, support during lot production.

Electronic Manufacture Service: BOM, supply of components and materials if needed, PCB assembling, outgoing inspection (visual and X-RAY), packing and logistics, climatic and reliability tests if needed.

Purchasing Agency: electronic parts searching and ordering, incoming inspection of electronic parts, consolidation of shipments, export handling and logistic services.



Peterburi tee, 47, 210
11415 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 68 68 079
Fax: +372 68 68 078